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Pure Naturals Mct Oil - Natural Vegan Oil Supplement – 16 Oz (473 ml) Bottle

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When you hear the word "triglycerides," you likely think of fats that you want to eliminate from your diet, but not all triglycerides are the same. Medium chain triglycerides are healthy fats for the body and have been proven to provide many benefits when included in a healthy diet.

MCTs have numerous health benefits including:

* Supports Cardiovascular Health *

* Supports Healthy Metabolism *

* Assist with The Production of Energy to Fight Fatigue *

* Enhance the Actions of Ketones That Are Vital to Brain Health *

* Supports Healthy Immune Function to Promote Overall Health & Well-being *

* Helps to Suppress Appetite to Aid in Healthy Weight Loss *

Whatever your reason for wishing to increase your intake of MCTs with an MCT supplement, Pure Naturals is the best MCT oil to choose for your health and wellness need because:

* IT’S ALL NATURAL. Our Pure MCT Oil Is Made Only from Coconut and Palm Kernel Oil with No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners or Preservatives *

* EASILY DIGESTED. Our Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil Is Less Likely to Cause Gastric Distress Due to Its Quality Ingredients *

* RAPIDLY ABSORBED. Unlike an MCT Supplement in Pill Form, Our MCT Oil Is Easy for Your Body to Utilize. *

* TRANS FAT FREE. You'll Get Only Healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides in Our MCT Supplement *

* SUITABLE FOR COOKING. Add Our MCT Oil to Your Recipes as A Natural Source of Healthy Fats. Add It to Your Morning Breakfast Shakes or Any Beverage to Treat Yourself with A Healthy, Tasty, All-Natural Energy Drink. *

* COMPLETELY VEGETARIAN. Make Sure Your Vegetarian Diet Isn't Lacking in MCT’s With Our Non-Animal Based Solution. *

Complete your diet with the choice of MCT oils that is formulated to provide the best nourishment for your body. Choose Pure Naturals MCT Oil! Order your MCT oil 16-ounce bottle today!

More Information
UPC 816511021812
Size 16 Oz
form Oil
Ingredients MCT Oil from Coconut Oil.
Servings Per Container No
Caution AS a dietary supplement ,take one (1) tablespoon 1 to 3 times daily, or as directed by a health care professional. MCT Oil can also be used be used as a substitute for conventional oils in salad dressings, sauce or cooking as a source of beneficial fatty acids. Not recommended for use in frying due to low boiling point.
Specification NA
Suggested Use NA
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